You might think the number of options is limited but all it takes is a bit of creativity and maybe some energy. Airports are the perfect place to get stuff done that you’ve been avoiding for too long and have some fun.

  1. Buy a magazine in a language you don’t understand and read it by just looking at the pictures.
  2. Work through your unread emails — nothing speeds up your productivity like knowing you only have 60 minutes to get stuff done.
  3. Smile at and then talk to strangers, especially the ones you wouldn’t normally cross paths with.
  4. Have an overpriced freshly pressed orange juice. If not now, when?
  5. Look around the waiting room and start writing down what you see. This is one of the best exercises and it helps train you to pay more attention to people around you. So much more exciting than your phone screen!
  6. Ask a waiter or flight attendant how their day was. Trust me, they usually have some secrets to spill!
  7. Buy funny tourist postcards in a shop and post them to your family and friends.
  8. If you find a plug, recharge all batteries.

Author: Savina Danailova

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