The Azores, Portugal. In May 2018 the air company of Delta starts new flights from JFK airport to Portugal’s volcanic archipelago. You can spend the night in NYC and to wake up on São Miguel Island, where the cobblestoned streets of Ponta Delgada and the geothermal hot springs in Furnas are waiting for you. What about hopping to Faial island for a whale-watching adventure?


Bermuda. If you want to go on a vacation to a different destination, the period between March and July 2018 is the perfect one. Eight major sailing events will take place there, including two brand new regattas. „The Loren“ – the island’s first new-build hotel in 45 years is waiting for the travelers from all over the world. The culinary shows’ lovers can visit „Markus’s“ – the restaurant of the celebrity chef Marcus Samuelson.

Catalina Island, California. It’s only a one-hour ferry ride from Southern California’s Newport Beach, but feels as if it is another world. Just a weekend is enough to recharge your energy – long walks and hiking 27 miles of new trails or flying over Descanso Beach with a helicopter Catalina Aerial Adventure.

Fiji. A tropical paradise of 332 palm-fringed South Pacific islands. We will need some time to visit all of them but to start with Malolo Island is a good option.  This year, Six Senses Fiji hotel is slated to open on Malolo Island and the eco-friendly Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji promises to launch new wellness temptations. What more? Awesome beaches, friendly people, diving, cozy bungalows and relax.

Grenada. While last fall’s devastating hurricane season left many Caribbean islands with major damage, its business as usual for many others. Cruise lines are re-routing ships while destinations recover, and Grenada is ready to welcome new visitors, with shore excursions ranging from snorkeling at the world’s first underwater sculpture park to touring a nutmeg factory. (This is the Spice Isle, after all.) In March, the new Silversands Grenada will lure travelers with sleek oceanfront suites and a 330-foot-long pool.

Kauai. It’s never a bad idea to spend the weekend on Hawaii but since Southwest Airlines announced that they will start flights to Kauai in  Hawaii in 2018 or 2019, we can add in on the list with holiday destinations. The first hotel on the island – Coco Palms – was  opened in 1953 but  after a renovation in 2016 made a comeback in 2017 as a part  of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection.

Author: Savina Danailova

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