Customers of the British easyJet, which is still the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe, will also be charged for the opportunity to use the luggage boxes in the cabin.

The changes in the airline’s luggage policy will take effect on February 10, 2021, according to which only small bags that fit under the seat will remain free. Use of the cabin luggage space above the seats will be charged extra.

According to the airline, quoted by BBC, these changes are aimed at improving on-board service and flight performance on time. Unofficially, however, it is clear that easyJet is facing serious financial difficulties due to the pandemic and is looking for all sorts of ways to similar its financial balance.

Passengers’ reactions are not late and are very negative. One of the comments on Twitter is in the top ten: “Like Ryanair, easyJet is trying to monetize every opportunity in the race to reach the bottom.”

There are also some positive comments, according to which the new policy will allow freeing on board, which after the increase in fees for checked baggage in one of the previous changes in the baggage policy of low-cost airlines is very limited.

Expected prices for the new service will range from EUR 7 for shorter flights to EUR 29 for long flights. Passengers booking flights after February 10, 2021, will have to comply with the new baggage requirements.

In November 2020, easyJet announced its first annual loss in the airline’s 25-year history. For the financial year to September 30, the carrier is back by 1.27 billion pounds, and losses continue to accumulate in the last quarter of the year.

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