Although called a new airline, EGO Airways was actually founded on July 29, 2019 by a group of entrepreneurs and is funded by several investors with experience in the industry. The Italian airline intends to fly by the end of the first quarter of 2021, relying on two main bases in Forlì, the province of Emilia Romana and Catania on the island of Sicily. The airline presents itself as an “authentic Italian company” with a focus on travel experience above all else. On its website, the airline describes its philosophy as:

“EGO Airways takes care of its guests by providing them with the best in-flight experience in which they feel cared for, cuddled, pampered and special. Our goal is to create a unique, warm and completely captivating experience that every passenger can feel welcome in each of the flight classes. ”

The new carrier intends to develop a network of direct flights between strategic cities inland and, in the long term, to provide feeders to and from Milan Malpensa Airport, where it will partner with major international carriers.

The carrier will offer free ticket changes and two cabins for all its services. On-board catering and on-board purchase are also part of the offer despite the short flight time. According to the company’s president Marco Busca, the Italian market still has “great potential for growth”, with the airline with serious intentions to become one of the leaders in domestic routes. The first 11 airports to which EGO Airways will operate have already been identified, and all flights must start for the summer season. The first flight will connect the two bases in Forlì and Catania, and the line will be operated with 24 flights a week from March 25.

EGO Airways has been planning to enter service for more than a year, going through many ideas of what aircraft to use. In the end, the airline chose the reliable Embraer E190-100LR, renting it from the German operator WDL Aviation. The 100-seat aircraft will have 88 economy seats and 12 “executive” seats. The aircraft has been repainted in a striking new livery, with three tail rings and EGO (lower case) Airways printed on the fuselage. The first E-190 aircraft was named MARTINA The airline will launch operations with 3 aircraft.

From March 28, flights between Bari and Florence, and Forlì and Parma will be added, which will be operated daily. Three more routes start on March 30 between Lamezia Terme and Forlì, Florence and Parma, and gradually by June more routes will be added to the airports of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia, Milan-Bergamo, Rome-Fiumicino and Palermo.

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