The airline apologizes for the cancellations and mergers of flights that need to be made in view of the situation. Any passenger who, due to a canceled flight or inability to travel, wishes to postpone their journey will be able to take advantage of the options provided, provided that they have informed the ticket issuer of their decision no later than 24 hours before departure. All the conditions – here.

Bulgaria Air and the airport authorities work under enhanced hygiene measures and requirements for cleaning aircraft:

• The airline guarantees the highest level of protection and safety when traveling. Prior to each flight, the passengers’ cabin in the aircraft is disinfected with the innovative system with ultraviolet rays (UV) – Honeywell UV Cabin System II. The technology has been proven to kill all viruses and bacteria from smooth surfaces. See more about UV disinfection here.
• In addition, before and after each flight, the cabin and toilets are cleaned with special references, both by the airline and by the authorized sanitary services at Sofia Airport.
• Air quality in aircraft is guaranteed by special HEPA filtration systems, which ensure constant circulation of heat-treated air up to over 200 degrees, limiting the possible spread of any contamination by air.
• Hot water, soap and disinfectant are provided in the sanitary facilities on board.
• Wearing a safety mask during the flight is mandatory for both crew and passengers.

Everything about the safety measures taken before and during the flight, you can find out here.

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