Spa at the airport – South Africa

Most air passengers find it difficult to tolerate travel and long flights, complaining of swollen legs, back cramps, fatigue and migraines. There is a worldwide trend to open spas right next to the airports: take your luggage and immediately get a massage. And this is so convenient if suddenly the flight is delayed: instead of being nervous in the waiting room or walking around the city with a suitcase, you can enjoy a bath with rose petals or a tightening waist procedure. One of the first such services is available in South Africa, at Johannesburg Airport. The spa offers a wonderful panoramic view of the planes taking off directly from the pool. There is no danger of being late for the plane: information boards hang everywhere. The prices are between 60-200 BGN.

Spa on train – USA

A luxury car (Pullman) has been installed in one of the oldest railway depots in California (Napa Walley’s). This is a real “palace on wheels” from the 1920s. Inside is a first-class spa, opened in 2010, with three large compartments and an extensive catalog of services. To maintain the necessary historical atmosphere when buying a spa treatment, each visitor is given a real train ticket. Prices are $ 135 for a full package of procedures (massage, face mask, peeling).

Spa in a castle – USA

The fortress walls next to the skyscrapers of the “big apple” are quite original, and next to them you can hide warm in the sauna or swim naked in the pool under the stars until midnight. This spa complex in Queens is fun for all ages: respectable ladies, small children, couples in love and whole business teams like to go here. Even the shy ones are scared here, because the place is big enough for everyone – a castle corner is huge: almost 10 thousand square meters, full of thermal pools, beauty treatments, lobby areas and bars. Prices are between 50-250 dollars.

Spa in a monastery – Austria

In the eastern part of Austria there is a nunnery, known worldwide for its spa hotel: anyone who wishes can stay here for the night or longer in order to rejuvenate and heal. All spa treatments are performed by the novices themselves, in monastic robes: massage and lymphatic drainage, contrasting water treatments and skin tightening, Chinese qigong gymnastics classes, and also provide consecrated water. Many accuse the abbey of blasphemy, but Mariencron’s popularity not only does not suffer from this, but on the contrary – is growing. The prices are around 140 euros.

Spa in the desert – Dubai

The Bedouin tents in the desert sands near Dubai can be considered one of the best spa hotels on the planet, given their luxurious interior design, first-class service and modern wellness complex. In addition to views of sand dunes and camels from the pool or gym and during treatments, additional activities such as horseback riding or falconry are available. Only in this center in the Middle East is a spa treatment allowed for two: massage for two, jacuzzi and romantic rituals. Prices are between 100-250 dollars.

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